Welcome to Dora & Isobel. We believe in slowing fashion down, investing in timeless pieces that will last you for years, not just seasons. We thoughtfully design our classic pieces so you can spend less time deciding what to wear and more time doing what you love the most. Simplicity is at the centre of all we do to help create a society that women can wear what they love the most, free from the pressure of trends.

We're so happy you're here.

The idea behind our timeless dresses came from our founder, Ashley's, very own wardrobe. She purchased a dress in Singapore which had become over the years, the dress she would turn too each Spring & Summer. It was easy to wear, able to be dressed up with heels for date night or down with sandals and a baby on her hip. The dress transformed into what she needed it too. Putting it on felt like saying hello to an old friend making her feel joyful, confident and beautiful. And so the idea of creating a collection of timeless dresses was born.

Our customers invest in a Dora & Isobel dresses because not only do they wear them again and again, but they do so because they make them feel feminine, happy confident and beautiful every single time.

We Love What We Do

This is Dora, my grandmother, and the namesake behind my brand. ‘Isobel’ is a name passed down in generations by my family on my father’s side and following in tradition is now my daughter’s middle in honour of this beautiful lady I was so lucky to have in my life. This photo was taken when my grandparents came to visit us when we lived in Muscat. I treasured those holidays when they stayed with us because as we lived overseas, I didn’t see them as much as my cousins. But gosh did we make up for it: playing cards together, badminton and generally loving each other’s company.

When we visited my grandparents in England she would put on a spread with every food known to man to make sure you had something you liked to eat. I wish I could have spent more time with Dora and my grandfather Peter. Whilst she passed when I was in my very early 20’s I can still hear her voice in my head…the way she said ‘beautiful’ and the smell of musk perfume. And so when it came to change the name nothing could be more perfect than after the lady that had matching pant suits and beads all lined up in her wardrobe and helped to inspire my love of style and clothing. I can tell you now, I thought I was the bee’s knees in the outfit in this photo! Nanna, wherever you are I hope I have made you proud and so happy that every day you are now part of this new journey I have embarked upon.