Body Shapes

Finding clothes that fit and flatter our shape is one of the best ways to boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful in your clothes every day.

Every body shape is different, but these guides are here to help you dress your shape the best way possible to accentuate your best features and help you conceal any areas you might be a bit more self-conscious about.

A system that has been around for a number of years is the shape system to help determine the best features of your body that you can highlight. They are:

Round – more curvy with a less defined waist.

Inverted Triangle – your shoulders are your broadest point in comparison to your hips.

Triangle - your hips are your broadest point in comparison to your shoulders.

Rectangle – all four of your measurements are about the same and less defined waist.

Hourglass – your shoulders and hips are pretty much in proportion and your waist is well defined.

Each of these shapes has a defining set of characteristics…don’t worry if you don’t fit exactly into one…these are simply a guide to better help you dress your body and to give you some tips and tricks to highlight your most flattering areas and help to conceal areas you might feel a bit more self-conscious about.

If you aren’t sure which shape, you are take a look at our How to Measure Your Body guide.